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February Workshop


Introduction to digestion and a healthy gut

There is a lot of buzz about gut health lately, and for GOOD reason: a healthy gut is the foundation for a healthy immune system, hormonal balance, and proper digestion of foods.

I believe that a healthy gut provides the building blocks for your overall health and well being in every way: emotionally, digestively and physically. This topic can be overwhelming for most, I know I was when I first started to learn about it.

I would love to enjoy and evening with you and break down what gut health is and why it's so important. As well as getting in the kitchen together and discover how easy it is to feed ourselves nourishing foods that will support a happy healthy gut.

This Workshop will include:

A simple and easy to understand introduction on what a healthy gut should look like. Prebiotics, probiotics, fermentation, gut flora, microbiome and ALL the "buzz words" surrounding gut health.

Skills for shopping, storing, and preparing a delicious “happy gut” food.

Why fermented foods are so good for us and how to make them in your own home. We will be hands on in the kitchen. Each one of you will go home with a jar of your own fermented saurkraut or veggie of choice.

Space is limited so don't wait! Tickets are $30 for a single or SAVE $5 sign up with a friend for $25 a ticket.

Can't wait to get in the kitchen with you!!!