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Are you ready to start a new season of taking REALLY good care of yourself? Are you ready to reset your body and reconnect to yourself? So many of us make resolutions or vow to change unhealthy habits but make no real plan of how we will actually accomplish that goal. We often do it alone with no support and have no clear picture of what the end game will look like. How will you ACTUALLY change the life long habit(s) that you know have not been serving you well? How will you keep yourself on track and not fall back into old habits again once you lose interest or things become to hard?

I would like to invite you into my Reset to Reconnect Group Coaching Program. This program is designed with real strategies, solutions and support to help you reach your healthiest self. We all want to actually change old unhealthy habits into life long healthy self -care and nourishment. We want to discover what our bodies need to thrive. This program will bring you through 6 weeks of coaching to help you reset your body with a whole food plan. Reframe old thought and habits that do not serve you long term. And finally reconnect you with yourself to learn to listen to your body’s inner wisdom and how to know when it’s trying to tell you something important.

The Breakdown:

  • This program is designed for up to 6 participants

  • Cost: $276 for 6 weekly sessions of coaching ( Normally $600) ($46 per session – over 65% off for 90 minutes of coaching per session)

  • Monday evenings from 6:30pm-8:00pm

Your sessions will include:

  • Whole food nutrition program & accountability

  • Thourough examination and discoveries about how to fuel YOUR body, everyone is unique

  • Food resources, recipes and guided help in the kitchen as well as applicable books & materials for the 6 weeks. 

  • Complete Gut Health Education

  • Each session will be broken down into individual assessments, specific topics of holistic living practical lifestyle changes, accessible goals and space to process road blocks that keep us stuck in old habits.

We will begin the 6 weeks with a whole food nutrition program that we will journey through together for the entirety of the program and will help us reset our bodies and minds. You will receive many resources, my favorite recipes, books and any additional extra information and free gifts that applies to our learning together. You will be challenged, accepted right where you are and held accountable. This will be an incredible place to discover how you can thrive and not just survive.

*** If you would like to get started and the evening does not work for your schedule, please let me know! Daytime Reset groups are available!


**This ticket will not reserve your spot for the program until payment is recieved. Please register with the free ticket below.

Once you are registered I will send an email to confirm payment options.

As soon as payment is recieved I will send you a confirmation email to hold your spot!

I cannot wait to get started on this journey with YOU!

***Read a few of the great testimonials below!

"Reset to Reconnect provided far more benefits than I ever even imagined. My initial reason to participate in the program was because of some chronic health issues. Along the way, not only did I feel better and stronger than I had in years, but I also gained knowledge and developed deeper understanding of the role and affects of food on both the mind and body. Throughout the program I was faced with opportunities and challenges toboth reset and reconnect from the inside out. The support and encouragement was evident from day one. If you are ready to transform the way you think, feel, and live for the better, I would highly suggest the program. It will change your life in ways never expected." -Nicole Flinn


Jen and her Reset to Reconnect program has changed my life. I used to be 208 pounds, I felt absolutely horrible and had many health issues. I had 10-15 panic attacks a day and was completely stuck. I tried so many things to get my health back on track but nothing seemed to be helping. I met with Jen and she introduced the reset to me and after a week I already saw a change. My panic attacks lessened and I was starting to notice my health and overall mood improving. I learned so much about my body and all the things I was putting into it. Now I can look at labels and understand what I am putting into my body and know what to avoid. I am so beyond thankful for this program and all of Jen's support. I am now 155 pounds and feeling so much better. I couldn't have made this progress if it wasn't for Jen and the Reset! I owe my new life to this program and there's no going back from here!" ♡

- Stephanie Houghton


"Before deciding to try Jen's Reset to Reconnect 6 week program, I used tothink it was ridiculous that people would talk about their Whole 30 and Reset to Reconnect
experience as a journey. As I walked through it myself, however, I found the word "journey" to actually be a very apt one. From beginning to end, I experienced ups and downs, discovered new things about myself, and learned so much about the ways the choices we make have very real effects on us. Over the course of the six week Reset toConnect program with Jen, I discovered that I could make healthy choices, and that I didn't have to give in to things like sugar cravings or "boredom hunger". I found that the things I ate (or didn't eat) could make me feel much better in a variety of ways. Going in, I had several achy joints in addition to a constantly discontent stomach, but every single one of those aches and rumblings disappeared over the course of this program. In just one short six week journey, I have made discoveries along the way that have given me hope that I can continue to live a healthier, fuller life, that I can not be restricted by aches and pains, and that I can make wise decisions that impact and improve my health. Many of these things used toseem like insurmountable obstacles to me, but largely thanks to Jen and Reset toConnect, I have found that I can scale those mountains, not only in regards to my dietary health, but also as I examine other areas of my life. I would highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone, with one caveat: you have to buy in all the way. It's not easy, but it's worth it. -Dan Buck